death and taxes

Death and Taxes: 2012 by mibi

A few years ago, on a trip to Vermont, I stumbled upon a great visualization of the entire US Budget. Please check it out below. The artist keeps updating it yearly. I find you can really understand where the money is going more easily this way, but that all of the details are included. But the details matter. Click through below to check it out.

Happy Independence Day!


national parks: more fun, less money!

We plan to highlight an infographic that either uses government data to good effect or highlights some other aspect of bureauphilia. This week’s infographic highlights how the National Parks Service could advertise the use of national parks to save money on vacations. Click here to see the infographic. Hat tip to Infographics Only.

Poster designed by J. Hirt. 1939. Works Progress Administration Federal Art Project, between 1936 and 1939. Library of Congress.