Want to Govern?

Governing Magazine survey says… Go to a Policy School (and pay close attention in your Public Management and Policy Process classes)!

Entrance to American University’s School of Public Affairs (Courtesy of http://www.GraduateGuide.com)


Are tax brackets obsolete?

The blog of the Tax Policy Center points out that the latest tax law revision has created a new tax bracket for singles making between $398,350 and $400,000—a $1,650 range.

It is an odd little thing. The blog estimates that under 500 people fall into the range. Of course, this isn’t how tax brackets work, and I’m certain that everybody at the TPC knows this and ignored it for the purposes of poking fun. Everybody making over $400k (a lot more than 500 people) will be paying 35% on their income in this range. But it’s still erratic: if this bracket were merged with the one below it to create a more natural under-$400k bracket, these people would be paying 33% on the income in this range. So having this bracket makes for a 2% of $1,650 increase, which comes out to…let me get out my calculator here…$33. Continue reading

the lifespan of a fact

The Lifespan of a Fact,by John D’Agata, author. Jim Fingal, fact-checker.

I heard about this book from a podcast out of Wisconsin, TTBOOK. Listen to the interview if you have a few minutes. But you might be wondering what this has to do with bureauphiles. Well, lots of our government’s time, and energy, all joking aside, is spent checking facts before government publications are published. As an intelligence analyst I spent days double and triple checking reports before they were “sent forward” for review and action upon my recommendations. Continue reading