distinctive competence

The U.S. National Park Service Interpretive Ranger depicted above will remain nameless, but it was my good fortune to spend a few hours with her one morning this August. We hiked over big rocks along the ocean in Maine’s Acadia National Park. Honestly, I learned more about rocks from this interpretive ranger than I remember from classroom geology. We also learned about the land’s social history – gifted by J.P Morgan, as a vacation home for a generation of “rusticators” (why isn’t that word more popular?), and ultimately to the National Park Service early in the 20th Century. Continue reading

public sector innovation, 1935

Sumner Tunnel: Washing Machine, Watering Truck. Item 37-10, Sumner Tunnel (East Boston), 7/1/35, Bridge and Ferry Photographs circa 1926-1947 (Collection # 5010.004), City of Boston Archives

I love the handwritten caption: “Washing Machine – Watering Truck and all commercial parts – improvised by Tunnel personnel.” It’s a portrait of public sector innovation.